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Photo taken by Silvia Ross, MS, RDN,CDN, CPT,CLT, CHC
Change your behavior about food by learning and practicing
on the daily basis with Silvia Ross'special method. 
Your new lifestyle can be changed based on your individual needs, DNA, food intolerance with LEAP protocols and more.
_Cozy Atmosphere
_Welcoming Spirit- NO JUDGEMENT
_Physical activity at all the time:  There is exercise equipment 
  in the practice.
_ NIRVANA- breathing & Relaxation technique
---Science Research Behind.
Silvia Ross, MS, RDN, CDN photo

      Silvia Ross, MS, RDN,CDN, CPT, CLT, CHC is the Founder and CEO of SRoss Nutrition PLLC. She works as a Public Speaker, Consultant Dietitian, Personal trainer, Certified LEAP Dietitian and volunteered her time as President of LULAC Nutrition & Wellness and was the ex-President Elect of Westchester Rockland Dietetic Association (WRDA).    

   Mrs. Ross believes in the Integrative Holistic Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She focuses on the elements of life including nature, soul, palate appealing, GUT health

( Dysbiosis/ IBS/IBD, Chron's/LEAKY GUT), Food Sensitivity (such as Migraines & Fibromyalgia, eczema, acne) environment, physical activity or inactivity, DNA, ancestry, weight loss, eating disorders - behaviors, CANCER, ADHD, autism, physical activity, MIND & SOUL approach by teaching NIRVANA (yoga/pilates & breathing techniques), and simple human imperfection that can contribute to high risk of chronic diseases and more.  


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First Visit: ➢ The complete nutritional assessment: Holistic approach! Expectation from the client to provide candid information including: • Weight history • Current an...
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