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LULAC- League of United Latin American Citizens


Founded in 1929, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the oldest and most widely respected Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States.

LULAC was created at a time in our country’s history when Hispanics were denied basic civil and human rights-facing prejudice and discrimination despite their contributions to American’s growth and power. For more information refer to www.lulac.org


LULAC National Education Scholarship Center (LNESC)

Since 1973, LNESC has made a significant impact on the lives of Hispanic students seeking educational opportunities. Through an array of innovative educational and leadership development programs, LNESC has contributed to the academic success of over 500,000 promising Hispanic and disadvantaged students. Through the LULAC National Scholarship Fund, LNESC has provided over 18 million dollars to nearly 27,000 deserving minority students. More information about LNESC and its programs can be found at http://www.lnesc.org/



New Chapter - LULAC Nutrition & Wellness

Mission Statement

LULAC Nutrition & Wellness is a new chapter in Westchester County- New York, created to continue and to follow our parent LULAC organization with some adjustment and share in their mission.


The Mission is to advance the economic condition, empower women/families/ men/children to improve their health/wellness/knowledge/nutrition/culture/ art, environment, immigration, community work, educational attainment to the community that we served."











Silvia Ross is the President of LULAC Nutrition & Wellness


Silvia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who follows an integrative Functional Medicine Therapy.


Ms. Ross is the CEO & Founder of SRoss Nutrition PLLC, a private practice at Briarcliff Manor, NY, as well as a Public Speaker and Wellness Consultant. Silvia obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degree, Nutrition and Food Science, from Hunter College.


“I truly believer in Science, food- herbs, essential oils , no diet plan fits all, environment, lifestyle, health understanding, cost/ time, and more that can contribute for an individual to unable to achieve his or her healthy lifestyle / maintain a healthy weight/ live longer and less stress,” states Silvia.


You are not alone! You have the willpower to make your life changes possible!

Whether working with individuals, families and communities, President Silvia Ross and her LULAC Executive Board can help with lifestyle modification.








The Team

The incredible Executive Professional Board Members of LULAC Nutrition & Wellness of Westchester are all focused on obtaining results by meeting with other organizations, associations corporations and businesses throughout the metropolitan area for fundraising, jobs, scholarships, education assistance, nutrition, wellness, and many other factors.


President Ross and her Executive Board - meet and greet people where there is an influx of Hispanics in cities and towns in Westchester County and beyond, spreading the LULAC concept of helping Hispanics in various walks of life.



LULAC Nutrition & Wellness

This unique position covers a large area, dotted with many small towns and cities. Yet LULAC Nutrition & Wellness of Westchester reaches out to all LULAC Members and Associations to partnership in the New York Metropolitan area to include all of New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.


***Developing Partnerships with other organizations and associations such as HealthCare Education Project-HEP,  Sustainability United Neighborhoods- SUN, MAKE THE ROAD,  etc.  Street fairs, meetings.



The Goal of LULAC Nutrition & Wellness 


Westchester County has a population of over 980,000 people. Approximately 25% are Hispanics. Immigrants originally moved into the cities as factory workers. Westchester County is affluent and Hispanics have moved to the suburbs with opportunities in construction, service jobs, landscaping, restaurant workers, cleaners, business owners. Hispanic families and individuals have built deep roots in Westchester. Immigrants are settling in but still there is apprehension. Immigrant families have the same wants and needs for their families as all other Westchester communities, education for their children and affordable healthcare.




LULAC Nutrition & Wellness of Westchester is seeking to help the communities with nutrition and wellness opportunities by educating, teaching, volunteering and supporting people by integrating a healthy lifestyle, thereby helping the over the burden healthcare system.

Hispanics have tremendous work ethics, a powerful sensitivity of family, resourceful, creative and undenied self-pride. LULAC’s Nutrition & Wellness of Westchester’s goals is to care and aid our members among the communities with health, nutrition, legal, economic conditions, social support, women's rights, family rights, educational attainment, political influence, housing, and civil rights of our community. 


























First Annual . . . Remarkably Successful . . . Gala Event

1st Annual Gala, Black Tie Fundraiser Event. 

On June 14, 2019, our Nutrition and Wellness LULAC Council hosted its first annual fundraising Gala at the Z Prime Restaurant in White Plains, New York. The attendees included Ralina Cardona, Northeast Regional Vice President of LULAC, County Executive George Latimer, and representatives from a number of partner organizations from Westchester County and New York City such as The Healthcare Education Project (1199SEIU/Greater New York Hospital Association), LEAO, among others.


LULAC Nutrition and Wellness is proud to have held its first fundraiser with guest speakers, a round-table conversation, and a silent auction. Led by Sylvia Ross, President of LULAC Nutrition and Wellness, and Gil Alba, the round-table conversation gave every attendee the opportunity to speak on their work in the communities they serve, with a particular emphasis on their personal, academic, and professional journeys as Latinxs. The result was a series of penetrating testimonies of migration stories, stories of overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers. After a delightful three-course dinner, a raffle was held at the end of the night in which almost everyone went home a winner. Special thank you to all of the sponsors who contributed products and services for our silent auction and raffle. 


Our first Gala was a big success and we can not be thankful enough for the overwhelming reception and support we have received in such a short time. We truly believe that communities flourish when we work together. Our LULAC Nutrition and Wellness Council looks forward to continuing to build and grow our partnerships to further empower and improve our communities in Westchester County and New York City.

LULAC Nutrition & Wellness, Membership, Opportunities, & Benefits


President Silvia Ross, Executive Director Christopher Espinoza, and the Executive Board are encouraging members, organizations, businesses, individuals to join our chapter and become part of an amazing team of leaders in our communities. 


As a LULAC member, you receive the following benefits:

✓ Invitation to attend national and local events including our annual convention, training institutes and the Legislative Friendship Awards Gala in Washington, DC;

✓ National support network of LULAC members and councils;

✓ Opportunity to participate more fully in your community through volunteer activities and events;

  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are making a positive difference in the Hispanic community.

  • Attend our meetings, gala events and we welcome your opinion, concerns, ideas, recommendations.


Silvia Ross,

President of LULAC Nutrition & Wellness 


131 Orchard Rd

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510


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