Podiatrists in Westchester NY has Major Role to Play During COVID 19 Pandemic

podiatrists in westchester NY

A physician who is specialized in foot care is known as a podiatrist. There's no doubt the specialists have a major role to play during the treatment of foot-related issues during the COVID 19 pandemic. If you've searched the term "podiatrist near me" in Google or Bing, the results will be in plenty, but it's essential to get connected with the best Podiatrist in Westchester, NY. The patients seen troubled with foot issues are already facing health issues like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, poor blood circulation, heart disease, and stroke. If you've one such problem, type "podiatrist near me in Westchester NY" in Google search box, and get the results as per your geographical region. Connecting with the physician is the best option altogether as he/she is the one who knows what medicine or therapy works the most in treating the foot problem.

COVID 19 Pandemic has Closed all doors for Patients having Foot Problems

Coronavirus pandemic spreading at an alarming rate across the United States and another part of the globe has certainly become a cause of concern. Diabetic and high blood pressure patients are highly concerned about foot wounds and injuries. They don't want to visit the hospital emergency rooms, which are already overburdened with patients suffering from COVID 19. Visiting the best Podiatrist in Westchester, NY, for treatment means exposure to the deadly virus, which is the sole cause of maximum mortalities happening these days.

DIY Tips Unveiled by Podiatrist During Lockdown can work If your feet is giving problems from the last many days, you should consult the best Podiatrist in Westchester, NY, to get the feet checked before letting things go worst. With lockdown prevailing in the whole country due to Chronic COVID 19 pandemic spreading and taking away many lives in New York, one of the famous podiatrists have unveiled specific tips based on the signs and symptoms of foot problems due to pandemic

First of all, let's disclose the signs and symptoms related to feet problem prevailing amidst COVID19 outbreak: • The pink color lesion appearing on the tip of the toes • Intense itching and inflammation on foot lesions • Swelling on the foot area • Blisters and foot corns • Dry and cracked foot heel skin • Foot sores/ulcers

Though the American Medical Association has only conveyed information that above mentioned signs could be the possible symptoms of COVID 19, they have not given any confirmation. But you can't take anything for granted in this current pandemic where the negligence has lead to big problems. Though you're taking proper care of your health during the lockdown, the essential tips unveiled by the best Podiatrist in Westchester NY can keep the foot problems at Bay during the adversity.

No matter you have diabetes or have high blood pressure issues, these below mentioned 12 DIY tips would surely keep your foot problems away during Pandemic :

1. Don't walk barefoot at home. As this pandemic has taken so many lives, you need to be careful with the foot problems that can cause issues during adversity. The things become more important to be taken care of if you're a diabetic patient or have high blood pressure issues.

2. Check your feet every day. Keep a check of the feet every day and make sure there is nothing like red marks or swollen areas on the foot area. These are the indications of foot problems that can become more severe during this coronavirus pandemic. If there is anything serious, consult the Podiatrist in Westchester, NY, who can recommend the best medicine to cure the foot problem before it gets worst. A bit of negligence during the pandemic can make the situation worst.

3. Put lotion on your feet daily. Use lotion to be applied on the feet every day. A little searching for Podiatrists near me is not sufficient as you need to connect with them over the phone to get the best consultation. Arranging a home visit of Podiatrist in Westchester NY can be worthful as he/she can quickly diagnose and advise proper medication or surgery which suits best to treat the foot problem before the situation becomes more intensive,

4. Wash your feet daily with a suggested solution advised by Podiatrist Proper washing of feet is recommended to avoid sweats make the condition more severe. Use the solution to wash the foot daily as per recommendation by Podiatrist in Westchester, NY.

5. Move. It's essential to do exercise as prescribed by a Podiatrist to keep the proper flow of blood circulation. The appropriate implementation of the moves also helps in improving mental health. Check the recommended videos and perform exercise regularly to avoid any foot problems.

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