Essential Weight Loss Tips from Holistic Approach Dietitian/ Nutritionist

As COVID 19 pandemic has kept everything under the grip, people are getting quite concerned about their health. The research states that people being overweight; do not have an effective immune system to fight against this deadly Coronavirus, which is competent to take away many lives at a go.

It's a good idea to connect with a certified holistic approach dietitian for taking relevant advice to maintain the weight rather than getting obese. If you cross the limits, the consequences are very harsh as what we've seen till now during this pandemic. Better you should type "registered dietitian/nutritionist consulting near me" on the web and make an appointment from professionals to control obesity issues & maintain the goal weight.

People these days are quite horrified due to the adverse impact of COVID 19 that can engulf their body at any point of time if the immunity level declines to be overweight. Therefore, they are recommended to follow the advice from a certified leap dietitian to keep away from obesity and focus on shrinking extra lbs from the body with a recommended weight loss diet.

Just searching for the "Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Consulting near me" over the web and meeting the holistic approach dietitian in Briarcliff Manor will not work until and unless you make efforts to follow the weight loss program and perform a regular exercise for enhancing the immune system.

Your negligence can make you deal with the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the contrary, priceless weight management efforts keep you safe on all corners. It's your wish, what way you take a step forward. A quick overview of statistics defining the mortality rate in the USA will make you aware of the adversity

A Quick Overview of Statistics Defining Mortality Rate in USA

As per the demographic statistics in the United States, centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that people died all the 50 states and territories of the United States due to this pandemic. By Wednesday, May 23, 2020, the death toll crossed 100,000 lives [1] nationwide due to adversity. The most heart-touching mortality analysis by Johns Hopkins University's Coronavirus Resource states that 6% of 1.7 million people tested positive for the Coronavirus succumbed because of this pandemic.

Obesity Can Trigger Mortality Rate in the USA During COVID 19 Pandemic

According to the reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [2], 42 percent of adults in the United States have severe obesity. This problem is in trend for many years in the USA and has now started showing its adverse effect on the people. The mortality count in the United States is expected to spike up like Italy, where there is a high prevalence of adult obesity.

Why is Obesity Becoming an Alarming Cause Behind COVID 19 Deaths?

Obesity is set to become an alarming cause behind COVID 19 deaths in the United States. About 70% of people in the United States are overweight [3], and the reason behind the same is unhealthy eating habits and lack of extensive workout. As per the report [3], a major cause of deaths in the United States is due to obesity, and COVID 19 adversity can make the situation worse if the things are not controlled on time. Researchers have concluded that people already engulfed with health-related problems such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung infection, and last but not the least obesity [3] has a huge probability of getting infected with Corona infection. In case their test results come positive, there is no other place than the hospital and that too in ICU, where they will be admitted.

Tips by Holistic Approach Dietitian in Briarcliff Manor for Weight Loss

A holistic approach dietitian helps in treating obesity to the optimal level by shrinking extra weight from the overweight body as well as controlling eating habits. But, it only happens when the person follows the diet regime properly. Here are certain tips[4] recommended by the registered dietitian to keep your body healthy with a strong immune system that removes the tag of obese from you:

  • Increase intake of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains alongside avoiding sugary snacks and processed foods.

  • Intake of low-calorie food helps in quick and effective weight loss.

  • Consume low-carb food items that are protein-rich

  • Opt for intermittent fasting that helps in managing the calorie intake

  • Make a necessary change in your lifestyle which is essential alongside the low-calorie intake

  • Scheduled workouts contribute a lot in healthy weight loss

Wrapping Up

All these tips enlisted above are needed to be observed and managed by registered dietitian due to possible pros and cons of any particular lifestyle changes or diet protocols. It is understood that everyone requires a different approach, consider DNA approach, blood type, lifestyle, culture, environment toxins/ pollution, gut related issues, possible nutrient related deficiencies, gluten possible tolerance or sensitivities and other contributors causing several health problems.

Not all GF foods are healthy specially if you want to lose weight or be healthy overall. It's essential you should take suggestions from holistic approach dietitian/ health coaching for continuing lifestyle at maximum.

Obesity is a complex disease and harms the human body when the pandemic like COVID 19 is around. This problem generally takes a giant shape due to unhealthy eating habits that lead to the overweight body, which is not a good sign of health. As the people in large numbers have lost their life due to negligence, we should take care of our health and adopt essential tips recommended by a holistic approach dietitian to keep safe from adversity.

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