Dietary Approach to Curb Hypertension and Cardio Vascular Disease

No one likes to see their health getting deteriorated due to one or the other reason. Unluckily people get trapped up unknowingly due to problems like hypertension and cardiovascular disease (CVD). These are the reasons behind several deaths across the globe every year with spike always seen in inclining mode.

Surprisingly the majority of hypertension and CVD patients are seen in low and middle-income countries as these are prevalent in both genders. An unhealthy diet, lack of workout, consumption of alcohol, tobacco usage, and work stress are some of the main reasons behind these deadly problems.

The best way to treat hypertension and CVD patients is to inhibit the intake of fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. These incorporate grains, poultry, fish, and nuts, which are good sources of protein. It’s always recommended to limit the intake of saturated fat in the form of red meat, sweets, and sugary beverages. It helps to normalize the blood pressure of patients dealing with hypertension.

The holistic dietitians matter a lot as their dietary suggestions prove to be worthy of hypertension and CVD patients. According to them, individuals having any of these two problems should opt for another diet that has a lower fat content that enhances HDL cholesterol as well as quantity of potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Holistic dietitians also recommend fiber and protein-rich food as they know what the hidden benefits are. Don’t forget that hypertension is the first stage of cardiovascular disease. Adherence to the guidelines of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) is essential as one should not forget that the mortality rate due to these deadly diseases is on the verge to go beyond 80%. Don’t panic as things will come under the control if you follow the proper diet program to control the adverse effect before it crosses the stage to become lethal for the human body.

Essential Tips for Patients Suffering from Hypertension

As it is said that the main cause of CVD is hypertension, it’s essential that things should be controlled from the first instance as ignorance can make the condition bad to worst.

There are certain essential tips for patients suffering from hypertension to control the situation and restore health with effective options. The below-mentioned tips will surely help a great deal to improve the conditions from the first instance.

  • Look for the natural options to reduce abnormal fat from the body. The recent study states that men and women having waistline above 40 and 35 inches respectively are prone to hypertension and they can easily avoid such problems at ease by keeping the body fit and fine

  • Perform workouts regularly to maintain the blood pressure in the normal range as its excess results in hypertension.

  • Intake of a healthy diet is a must for the patients having hypertension issues. It’s essential to keep the food journal. It’s recommended to have food that is low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and refined sugar. The skipping of meals is not allowed. Fiber-rich food is essential for the well being of the body.

Here’s what the expert says:

“As hypertension is a major risk factor for CVDs, several prospective studies have tried to determine how imitating a DASH-style diet can be associated with the risk for CVDs or one or more of its major subclasses like CHD, stroke, and HF risk. Mentioned cohort studies have yield inconsistent results. Some researchers believe that adherence to the DASH guidelines was not associated with fatal CVDs, ischemic heart disease, CHD, and stroke; whereas others found a significant independent protective connection with fatal or nonfatal CHD, stroke, and HF “

Following the DASH Eating Plan is Beneficial in Every Sense

There’s a specific plan designed for the treatment of patients engulfed in hypertension. The dietary approach to stop hypertension (DASH) method can be quite helpful in any sense. Diet rich in fruit and fiber is recommended to a huge extent. Food low in sodium and saturated fat are preferred during the treatment to make the conditions normal.

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