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The motivation is essential to change your sedentary lifestyle and improve your regular basis routine. 

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This is a mixed ceviche, a typical dish from the coast of Ecuador. It is full of nutrients,  especially zinc. 

This dish can be consumed with fried plantains and fried corn or white rice. Of course, we can always have it with a salad side dish, and a serving 1/3 cup of brown rice or barley. Creativity is always good!

ceviche a typical dish

Photo by Holger Rivera  Galapgos Islands-Ecuador

The Arroz con Pollo is a typical dish from the Coast of Ecuador. Rice is a typical staple of many countries including Asia, South America, and Africa, the Caribbean and etc. Changes can be made in the original recipe by preparing it with wild rice, or brown rice instead of white rice. Rice as a whole grain provides nutrients that our body needs. 

arroz con pollo dish

Photo by Silvia Ross, MS, RDN,CDN

The physical activity is important for everyone. Currently, some individuals' energy intake is more than energy expenditure. But mostly everyone knows that by now. However, some people think that they don't have the time or the money to do so. Let's walk and do some exercise at every opportunity during working hours.   

physical activity

Photo by Marcos Rivera,Galapgos Islands- Ecuador